LANDWIND New City SUV: Xiao Yao
by JMIE Updated:2018-03-09 17:17:22

What’s the biggest challenge for the civil grade vehicle? LANDWIND Xiao Yao’s answer is: Put the vehicle in race.

Race is a best touchstone. In this platform, only strength can be the reliable thing. Linear acceleration, drift as word eight and drift as snake, all these kinds of test driving subject, not only let people feel extra excited, but also raised high level requirements of the vehicle’s adjustment of chassis, suspension and steering system.

Sense of Technology

LANDWIND Xiao Yao has a beautiful outlook, and also has varies of high-tech specifications inside the vehicle. It contains the useful technology functions like automatic LED big light, automatic wiper, Keyless system, 360 degree panoramic image, tire pressure monitoring system and HDC. Besides, Xiao Yao also built in an Intelligence system that connected to the network. So user can check the violation statues or ask for road rescue through this system, and even can monitoring vehicle statues or remote controlling the vehicle by using related mobile apps.  


As a brand new transboundary SUV, it shows confidence by put the new vehicle into the racing. In response, it gets very good result. The test driving in the field can prove its tough and bold, especially in steering system and suspension system. In a word, Xiao Yao is a steady and stable SUV.



Safety is the first priority of a vehicle. LANDWIND Xiao Yao built a “7 in 1” active safety system. The distance is less than 40 meters when braking from 100 km/h speed to completely stop. This performance is very good among the same level vehicle.

LANDWIND Xiao Yao has varies driving safety auxiliary configurations, it equipped with high performance front/rear LED big light, front/rear detection radar, 360 degree surrounded view, rear view camera and dynamic trajectory. What’s more, “7 in 1” active safety system which includes ABS, EBD, ESC, TCS, PBA, HAC, HDC and CBC let the vehicle can easily face all kinds of emergencies, and makes an Omni-directional guarantee to the driver’s safety. In addition, LANDWIND Xiao Yao’s steering wheel is equipped with EPS technology, which let the driver feels lightness while the vehicle runs in low speed, and the feeling will getting heavier with the vehicle speed growing.