Overview Of JMC Conquer

The Conquer is the current Flagship of JMC commercial vehicle. It is an outstanding creation after 3 years hard-working by dozens of automobiles design experts from China, America, Japan. Isuzu and Ford contributed a lot for Conquer since their relationship of joint venture with Jiangling Motors Company (JMC).

Exciting Face, not just good-looking

Design theory based on the latest international trend! Except a powerful performance, you need as well a brand-new appearance to get more attraction for your business.

Exciting cabin, not just a cube

Overall design to the inside of cabin, based on the theory of passenger vehicle, adding to a list of human-oriented equipment, Conquer is to make the driving more relaxing & comfortable.

Exciting heart, not just an engine

The Conquer engine, named 4D30, is generated from ISUZU famous 4JB1, which is the most classic engine model of ISUZU in the LDT market over the world. The torque 382/1800-2600 (N.M/rpm) made the engine is most powerful among their competitors. 

Exciting Safe, not just hard

By applying the China most famous BAO Steel to each key part of this model, Conquer is assured a fundamental safety. With 4 channel ABS equipped, and an optimized Brake system by Magna of Austria, assuring the driving safety to the best.

Specifications for Conquer