JMC is affiliated with Jiangling Automobile Co., Ltd. (SZ: 000550), which has been developed from Jiangxi Automobile Factory since 1968. The annual sales volume of 2016 is 281,019 units. JMC has cooperated with the Soviet Union WAZ, Japan ISUZU and the United States Ford and other automotive brands, absorbing the world's most advanced product technology, manufacturing processes, management concepts, effective equity checks and balances mechanism, transparent operation and high standards of management, which help JMC formed a standardized and scientific management system ensuring the effectiveness of corporate governance and decision-making. JMC has established R & D, logistics, sales, service and financial support in line with international norms and operational mechanism, becoming a success model of China's joint venture enterprises in motor industry.

From a local small factory near the collapse, through opening concept and hardworking, JMC has been stand out as one of the largest enterprises in the field of commercial vehicles, one of the fastest growing business and the best economic efficiency enterprise in China motor industry, and ranked China's top 100 listed companies for three consecutive years, especially being named as the first place among China's most competitive motor company listed.

In the mid-eighties of 20th century, JMC firstly introduced the latest international truck technology manufacturing Isuzu, became China's one of the major light truck manufacturers. In November 1993, JMC listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, becoming the first listed company in Jiangxi Province, which is the hometown Jiangling Motors born and located, and in 1995, JMC introduced Ford Motor Company as its joint venture partner by ADRS.

JMC has dozens of world-class modern production lines of engine, casting, stamping, body, assembly and others, using the latest international quality management tools and manufacturing system, under strict production process control. The company has been certified through the national mandatory product certification (3C) and the ISO9001 and ISO14000 environmental protection system certification. Jiangling Engine Plant, Jiangling Axle Plant, Jiangling Frame Plant and other major parts plant have also been certified by the world's most stringent QS9000 quality system.

In accordance with the various needs of customers, JMC keeps developing new varieties. JMC product series range from SUV, MPV, pickup, light truck to heavy truck. JMC is always seizing the market center, fully meet the different customer groups demands, and constantly create energy-efficient, practical, environmentally friendly automotive products. The Jiangling trucks continue its market advantage for decades, "Boarding" pickup, "Carrying" light truck ranks No.1 in the segment market of China for many years.

Jiangling took the lead in establishing a modern marketing system in China's auto market and built a strong marketing network all over the country, more than 70 agents, over 300 sub-dealers, 200 special service stations even throughout the country. With high-quality marketing, a sound network and fast, complete customer service, Jiangling wins the core competitiveness, and set up the most popular commercial vehicle brand image in China.