Jiangling Group Jingma Automobile Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: JMMC) is one of the subsidiaries and one of the six largest vehicle companies of JMCG. 

JMMC was founded in 1958, the original Jiangxi fire vehicle factory (Nanchang Automobile Factory). June 2011,JMCG reorganized the establishment of Jiangxi Fire Vehicle Manufacturing Co., Ltd., in November 2011 officially changed its name to Jiangling Group Jingma Automobile Co., Ltd.. In February 2013, Jiangling Motors Group Co., Ltd. is a big and powerful Jiangling bus industry, the original Nanchang Jiangling New Power Vehicle Manufacturing Co., Ltd. business was merged into the company, The company's competition in the industry has been greatly improved. 

JMMC is engaged in the R&D, manufacturing and sale of large and medium-sized passenger vehilces, products series ranging from Fuzun, Fuchi, Fushun to Fuyun, two production bases, and the yearly production capatibility is over 6000 units. The company was awarded " Top 10 industrial enterprises" title by the National Transportation Enterprise Management Committee in 2012.  JMMC fully relies on the advantages of Jiangling Group in vehicle, parts and brand, inherits the cultural genes of Jiangling Lean Manufacturing, focus on innovation and development, and constantly improve the R & D and technological level, striving to build "JMMC" brand with good reputaion. In recent years, the company is keeping more and more R & D investment on new energy vehicles, including pure electric, hybrid and other new energy vehicles and achieved a lots of production and sales. 

The JMMC's sales and service network have been covering all parts of China, its products involved in passenger, bus, travel, commuter, school bus, lobbies, logistics, special vehicles and other industry . At the same time, its overseas sales continue to increase in Asia, North America, Africa and other countries.