Van sales ranking of Year 2017
by JMIE Updated:2018-03-26 17:27:44

Recently, China Association of Automobile Manufacturers announced the sales ranking among the Van manufacturer in 2017. JMC ranking 1st by achieved a sales amount at 89,500 units. Compared with last year, the sales amount of JMC Van increased significantly, reached 27.74%.

For achieved the 2017 Van sales champion, JMC Touring’s distribution is indispensable, which reached a sales amount at 31,150 units in 2017. What’s more, JMC Touring completed the whole year sales amount of competition products by using only 8 months.

With a 8.4m3 super lager space, oil consumption per hundred kilometers, safety configuration and intelligent configuration superior to the same level model. JMC touring use its reliable product quality, specifications superior to the same level model and agressive price, re-defined self brand Van. 
Sales is an intuitive way to test cost-effectiveness. Since JMC Touring launched at the beginning of 2017, JMC Touring provided its excellent strength step by step, and finally achieved a excellent result.

May, 2017, Sales amount reached 4485 units. Refresh Van’s single month sales record.

Year 2017, The total sales amount over 10,000 units when the products launched no more than 3 months.

In 2017, sales broke through 30,000 vehicles.

When entered 2018, it keep growing rapidly. In January, JMC Touring achieved a 3,074 units sales amount.
In Van area, it will be a big news if its single month sales over 1,000 units. And it also means JMC touring obtain customers’ identity in the aspect of cost performance and accurate positioning.