Sailing to the Future
Updated:2019-11-07 14:04:31

2019 JMCG Overseas Distributor Conference has been held successfully in ChongMin island, Shanghai, which themed “Sailing to the future”.

Mr. Wan Jianrong (General Manager of JMCG), Mr. Jiang Linsheng (Chairman of JMIE), Mr. Wang Wentao (President of JMC), Mr. Xia Yingjie (President of JMIE), Mr. Liang Bo (Vice President of JMIE) and manager level of JMCG members (Ms. Xiong Chunying, Mr. Xiao Hu and Mr. Jin Wenhui) attended the conference.

Mr. Wan Jianrong said: In the past two years, JMIE team did a great job in market exploring and expanding the export categories which combining the technology export, KD export business and local after-sales service. As a result, JMIE’s export amount kept increasing from the last two years, more and more connections were built between JMIE and the Global clients.

Mr. Wang Wentao introduced JMCG to overseas distributors from multiple aspects such as market share, product map, technical highlights, future product and technical planning.

Mr. Liangbo gave an analysis of the advantage of JMC products and ups and downs in different districts based on the review of JMCG export history and the global commercial environment. From his perspective, S (Sales) = C (Channel) x P²(Product). He clarified that we will sailing to the future together by the cooperation between JMC and its distributors despite of the storm.

JMC presented the outstanding awards to the top 6 distributors in the past 2 years (2017 and 2018). The winners also gave their experiences sharing speeches to the others.

After the speeches, the general managers of Latin America department, the Middle East and North Africa department, Asia department, KD market department, Middle and West Asia department and Africa department signed the vehicle export mission of 2019. After that, they waved flags and shouted battle cries for the JMIE sales team and the distributors to expressing the belief of victory.

For the distributors’ convenience to learn JMC new products better, the annual conference was held by JMC on the occasion of the opening for “Auto Shanghai 2019”. Overseas distributors can check the JMC product of the latest technology in the exhibition. We believed that we will “create a better life” for JMC and every single distributor by our sincere cooperation and hard work.

Finally, the Gala Dinner was held in Hyatt Regency Shanghai Chongming with rich Chinese architectural style and beautiful landscape around the island. Shanghai Chongming island is the estuary of the Yangtze River to the East China Sea. At here, JMC’s new Great Voyage is about to begin. Let’s work harder, go further, sail to the future!