A New Boarding Pass

to convince more

Fuel-efficient, safty-assured, and over 300,000 km durability, that's New Boarding pickup, the most popular pickup of reputation in China.

New boarding, old friend

Not only the perfomance need durance, so did apperance. "X" type front face design leaves you a aggresive vision of your best friends.

New boarding, double color

The center console with dark color treatment, more resistant to dirty, instrument cluster designed symmetrically with two large dials and two small ones plus a LCD screen in the middle, simple but not easy.Double color design, added some spark of vigor.

New boarding, always durable

Ford R&R standard, 15,000 hours' endurance testing, 2,000,000 km driving test, with 30 years cumulative upgrades for the chassis refined the sturdy and durable Boarding pickup.

New boarding, detailed safety

A series of safty items concerned with the new model, such as Anti-slip Safety Seats, Non-blind Double Curvature R/view Mirror, Door Warning Light, Explosion-proof Fuel Tank. Details determine security.

Specifications for Boarding