All-Terrain high-end pickup

Vigus Plus

With modernized and tough appearance design, higher configurations, more comfortable driving experience, stronger power and safer specifications, JMC all-terrain Vigus plus brings a high-end experience for pickup.

Gentle Monster

The inherence of front face style from classic Vigus and equipping with the same style rectangular round eyebrow of hardcore SUV, already make Vigus plus  look stronger and tougher than ever, let alone its sharp and concise tail shape bringing more muscular feelings to Vigus plus .

Free you like in a theater

With Sedan interior design concept, Vigus plus  offer you more freedom while driving by apply the international brand's seat: Lear's leather seat, of which the drivers's seat is electrically 6-direction adjustable and the rear row seats are theatrical design.

Being luxuriously powered

PUMA 2.4T diesel engine, which was equipped by Land Rover, now is available for Vigus plus . The engine could generate more power than gasoline but only consume 70% of the fuel. And with ZF 6AT, its strong control ability and smooth shifting experience are ensured.

Intelligent trouble-killer

MAXXIS high intensity professional cross-country tires cooperating with TPMS greatly decreased the potential security risks. Dual air bags as standard configuration, and BOSCH ESP system, help you get rid of trouble in emergencies.

Specifications for Vigus plus