Create a new era of intelligent high-end pickups

Vigus pro

SUV-like and high-end full range pickup obtains its legendary power from Ford. With extra-large size, extraordinary driving experience, and rich configuration, it will offer customers with great driving pleasure, and strong safety performance.

Changed the inherent image of the pickup truck

Vigus pro changed the inherent image of the pickup truck. The exaggerated large-mouth air intake grille is tough and domineering. The banner strips and slender headlights inside the grille add a refined atmosphere. In short, the exquisite and stylish design of the Vigus 9 brings the external image of the pickup to a new height.

Combine versatility and comfort

Racer steering wheel, fighter shift lever, suspension console, 12 inch screen, seat ventilation heating.The development of Vigus pro follows Ford Global Product Development System, and the suppliers of its key parts are among global Top 500.

Equipped with Ford EcoBoost 2.0 GTDi gasoline engine

Vigus pro adopts ZF 8-speed automatic manual transmission with transmission effiency 98%. Vigus pro is equipped with Ford EcoBoost 2.0 GTDi gasoline engine, which is rated as top ten engine for two consecutive years, with Max power 162kW and Max torque 350 Nm. 

Latest Bosch ESP Version 9.3

Lane departure warning system; intelligent cruise control, forward collision warning & auto braking system, traffic sign recognition system. Vigus pro is configured with iFlytec smart speech recongition system for smart voice-controlled service. Latest Bosch ESP Version 9.3 provides more safe driving assist on slippery road.

Specifications for Vigus pro