In the tradition of Jiangling automobile quality pursue, with the feature of high security, comfort, economy and environmental protection , easy maintenance, COSTAR is the best choice for you.

COSTAR can also meet the needs of high-end and business customers, provide more luxurious optional configuration, the real implementation of various configurations . High standard, extreme luxurious COSTAR, No longer make VIP reception a problem.

Co-star Exterior

  •  Personalized integrated headlight
  • Wide front window to create a good driving field of vision.
  • One combination of personalized rear fog lamp rear lamp
  • Multifunctional rear combination Kit (rear mirror, high-mount stop lamp, rear wiper, tail)
  • High quality stainless wheel hub
  • Collision bar and Color bars also available

Co-star interior

  • switch buttons are set in the driver's operating range, very convenient.
  • steering wheel ,the shift handle and the operation of various pedals are simple and convenient.
  • The cab design is neat and compact, bring open and panoramic stereoscopic vision.

Co-star performance

  • JMC dedicated bus chassis
  • Exhaust braking system, brake clearance self-regulating device and ABS system(optional)
  • Reinforced suspension
  • Long wheelbase(4435 mm )
  • Vacuum radial tire

JMMC CO-STAR adopts Jiangling efficient engine system . According to the overall dynamic performance matching needs, choose from a variety of efficient engines.

Co-star body

Closed Ring Entire Framework Body, full-length welding Roof and brazing column ensure the usability under all road conditions.The integral electrophoresis is applied after the welding is finished, which ensures the weatherability of vehicle.

Specifications for Co-Star 6m