Pure Hardcore SUV




Choose X8, means choosing standing-out. Why be so modest when you are enough giant? Just do what need to be done. Radiating from X8 crystal diamont headlamp, you will reveal who you are.


Across rugged and bumped ground, fading from city noise, only those things you touched could make you calming down. Getting into X8, feel the reality of future ahead.


2.0T gasoline engine coupling with 6MT gearbox, specialized in acceleration, 2.0T disel engine coupling with 5MT gearbox, specialized in explosiveness. Almost 2 decades focus, formed professional chassis to accompanying you the hardest terrain.


LANDWIND is obsessed over a solid body. X8 Hardcore SUV is more so. 5H high-duty steel cage body prevents you from distraction while cross your country. What embraced you up is the safty from the X8 classic body design and series of advanced equipments.

Specifications for X8