the most affordable and worthful pickup

T7 inherited Jiangling group product power, fuel economy and durable genes, in modeling,comfort, security, self transcendence, to become the industry benchmark.

European shape

T7 learns from the European high-end pickup shape, and combined with the current fashion elements:fashion, restrained, beautiful lines. Not only discarded the tradional character image of trucks off-road, T7 also added more feelings of smart, sharp, dynamic, and freedom.

Sedan interior

T7 using B-class sedan interior, shows an exquisite workmanship and reasonable layout, and highlights the distinguished sense of innovation and cutting-edge features. You will not find no longer a typical feature of the pickup truck in 90s. T7 is bound to become a new model of benchmarking among the competitors.

ISUZU Engine

T7 equiped an ISUZU engine, which is made by Jiangxi Isuzu Engine Co. Ltd.,a joint venture between ISUZU and JMC. Above the engine cylinder head is the ISUZU logo.

Comprehensive security

T7 constructs a comprehensive security system. Driving computer display, following the standard of B-class passenger car, you could monitor the vehicle information any time you driving. Auto-window, door alarm system, reminds you of the safety of property.

Specifications for T7